Recognition at Durham University Supplier Event

Wensley Roofing received two awards at the second annual Durham University Supplier Recognition Event, held to recognise suppliers who had made an outstanding contribution to the University during the course of the year. The event was hosted by Durham University Procurement Services and nominations were sought from University staff and from suppliers themselves, to recognise the contribution that suppliers make to the delivery of University business.

Wensley Roofing researched and developed the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in relation to surveying roofs and were winners in the ‘Most Innovative Solution or Proposal’ category, where a supplier has been engaged to resolve an issue and has come up with a solution that demonstrates forward and innovative thinking. This proved to be the original inspiration for a new venture and a new division of the Northern Bear Plc family of building services companies was born, Vantage Point Media, who worked in association with Wensley Roofing and Northern Bear Safety on this project.

Graham Jennings, Managing Director of Northern Bear Plc commented:  “Vantage Point Media is an excellent example of how we, in the Northern Bear family of companies are prepared to work together to provide innovative solutions for our clients.”

Host Alison Holmes, Director of Procurement stated in her presentation that this development will have an outstanding contribution in relation to cost, health and safety and operational effectiveness.  The solution was unexpected and highly successful and provided benefits that the University had not considered. Wensley Roofing was also Highly Commended in the ‘Outstanding Communication’ category where communication from the supplier is appropriate, in a timely manner and the customer is kept informed at all stages.  Communication from all supplier’s personnel is consistent and to the same high standard.

At the presentation the University commented: Wensley Roofing are available on a 24 hour basis, 365 days per year. The Wensley Roofing team always endeavor, through professionally relevant dialogue, to keep the University informed at all stages of the service delivery process.